Giving Back

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.
— Muhammad Ali

Wounded Warrior Project

Without the brave men and women of our nation's military, we would not be able to enjoy so many of the freedoms we take for granted. Regardless if you support our nation's military policies or foreign interventions, there's one thing we can all agree upon...the heroes that comprise our military deserve our utmost respect and support. They fight for our nation regardless of their own personal ideologies; they fight because of their sense of duty, they fight for the men and women next to them, they fight for you and me.

Many of these warriors return to civilian life with limited resources to transition to a "normal" job, or handle the stresses of war. Organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project are instrumental in this transition.

Primitive Joe proudly supports our nation's troops and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Rachel's gift

Rachel's Gift is a non profit that partners with hospitals to assist parents through the initial phase of infant loss through a base of caring and knowledgeable volunteers. They provide grief assistance for the families as well as a training program for nursing professionals and care-givers on companioning patients through infant loss. Their ultimate goal is to provide a healthy environment to begin the grieving process to minimize long-term psychological damage to individuals and their families experiencing infant loss while at the same time providing lifetime keepsakes of their child. These keepsakes will be a lifetime reminder and a physical connection to the child that was only in their arms a matter of minutes or hours.

Rachel's gift provided Matt and Megan, owners and founder of Primitive Joe, with a memory box that contained their first born's hand-woven hat from the NICU unit, his blanket, and actual ink prints taken from his hands and feet. Other than his memory, these material objects are the only things they have to hold on to.



Gateway to victory

Gateway to Victory Learning Center in Kericho, Kenya is a non-profit preschool, primary school and feeding center founded through sponsor donations and fundraising. Gateway is a 501(c)(3) foundation. Serving orphans and vulnerable children in the community, their mission is to give children the resources and support they need to grow emotionally, academically, and spiritually. Students at Gateway receive a bi-lingual education (English and Swahili) in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social skills.In addition, all students receive two meals and one snack per day. Prior to attending this school, our children would have little or nothing to eat on many days. They provide food, clothing, personal care items and most importantly nurturing, where once there was none. They uniquely combine African and American culture to give these children a chance at a real future.

Primitive Joe proudly supports Gateway to Victory, and when you purchase our coffee, you do too.


Cheers to making a difference.